When did job titles lose their way?

Job titles.

Stupid ones.

Like Recruitment UnicornTalent Delivery Specialist or Social Media Ninja should all be boiled in a huge vat of stupid with the rest of the stupid made up bullshit.

If you’re not an actual Ninja, you shouldn’t be calling yourself one.

Ya get meah?

I remember when job titles accurately expressed the role that they encompassed. For instance, my very first job was an Office Junior for a Security Systems Co — which meant I would be the junior in the office for a little bit, whilst I learned the admin ropes.

Today, this job title would be something along the lines of Above-My-Station Inflation of Things Architect Unicorn Ninja.

If you are actually a ninja, doing the things that ninjas do, you should be calling yourself a ninja.

If you’re an office tea-boy calling yourself a tea ninja, you just look like a massive twat.

My point is, this need to build a job up to be more than it really is, isn’t helping recruitment.

Just looking good on the outside, without having any actual substance is absolutely pointless.

Some companies believe that if they upgrade an employee with a weird but up-itself job title it may make said employee suddenly become that (no training fees). Or by giving them the title it’ll inspire them to work harder, instead of giving them a pay rise.

So when looking for jobs, take care when encountering companies hiring people with bullshit job titles, the chances are their values are only skin deep.

What’s the stupidest job title you’ve encountered? I wanna hear em.

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