What Is Your Brand Story & Why Do You Need To Tell It?

What is your brand story

What is your brand story and why do you need to tell it?

🎨 A brand isn’t just a logo.

🙋🏻 Or the people that work for you.

📢 It’s not the way you speak on Twitter.

😌 It’s all of those things and some.

In the past, big faced salesmen would bust onto our screens yelling reasons why you needed a product in your life.

Now, consumers want less hard sell and more conversation. They need more of a reason to part with their hard earned cash.

Our own personal stories are what define us, they make us individuals, they help people feel emotionally connected to us.

Your brand story works much the same way.

Big brands like Apple and Facebook all have an incredible and unique story behind them, there are films about where it all started — those stories make them who we know today.

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Why should anyone be buying from me?

I do pretty much exactly what my competitors do.

But, I have my back story, experiences, life lessons that I’m bringing into my work, to give someone who values the things I do an experience they won’t get with someone else.

What is your uniqueness?

Mine: that I value integrity and authenticity over material things, I believe in seeking the truth in everything and I see life with youthful eyes, which gives me an interesting outlook translating effectively into my creative work and writing.

This is what you should be thinking about before you start to bring together the physical side of your brand.

It will set you up for how you communicate verbally, what your tone of voice will sound like, what colours you should be using, eventually leading to your visual communication style.

Now it’s your turn.

If you’re looking for some help finding your story, drop me a line.

Hello, I’m Nik , I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about freelancing and emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes.

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