The Value of Design

There’s nothing quite like stumbling upon a beautifully executed piece of design, which makes you rethink your entire life 😍

Many businesses find it difficult to fully understand the value of design, understandably if they aren’t surrounded by the design and related industries.

Speaking from my own experiences as a freelance designer, I’ve worked with the full spectrum. From people that laughed at spending money for me to create something for them, to people who get it. So I’m here to educate you 😌

Image by Hello I’m Nik | Unsplash

“Good design is good for business” —Mckinsey 

In 2018, McKinsey & Co created a report on studies of 300 companies around the world called ‘The Business Value of Design’.

This tells the story of how good design is a part of why design companies have sustained success. 

So, what’s the point of good design?

Design makes how to use or understand a product obvious.

Good design solves the problem.

Good design solves real problems and satisfies real user needs — Chudders, CX Partners

Decent design is hard to do, which is why we charge what we do and which is why services like Fiverr concern me. 

5 reasons why…

  • user-friendly
    Good design helps your audience use the product effectively.
  • an investment
    Design is an investment in your business. In 2007 the Design Council put out a report of 63 companies they’d studied for 10 years — it turned out that all the companies that invested in design did way better financially than the ones that didn’t.
  • simplified communication
    Helps your audience understand the product or service effectively.
  • consistency
    Consistency builds trust. Which helps to retain your audience.
  • increased sales
    Having a professional design speaks volumes about you and your brand. Helping you attract customers.

So, the evidence suggests that good design is important for your business.

If you’re unsure if hiring a designer is for you, drop me a line, no obligation, we can chat for 30 minutes to see if it’s the right move.

Hello, I’m Nik , I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes.

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