Why typography is important

Your products and services need to be clear. Typography plays a huge role in that.

Well executed typography makes the process of consuming information uncomplicated.

But seriously, why is typography important?

We’re reading differently, attention spans are less and life is fast. We need quick easy to digest communication.

What should I do?

✌️ Keep to a minimum amount of fonts

Two or absolute max, three — that to me feels excessive, but sometimes it’s necessary.

😶 Have a base typeface

Work with typefaces that compliment that. I wrote a thing about Font Pairing, you can give that a read here.

What’s the difference between a typeface and a font?

🅰️ Choose the right size type for your work

There’s no one size fits all, and bear in mind devices are different (mobile, tablet and desktops), plus the amount and type of content you want people to read.

A general rule of thumb is around 16px for body text.

🆎 Some typefaces don’t do well at certain sizes

Choose one that works in all sizes. Sans serif is preferable.

Some useable Sans Serifs;

🚫 Who else finds ALL CAPS aggressive and hard to read? ✋

 I’d suggest not using all caps in large portions. 

🔼 Keep in mind your line and letter spacing — leading and kerning

Leading (pronounced ‘ledding’) is the space between each line and kerning, the space between each letter. 

Spacing means more readability — 
give your text air to breathe.


Good typography is a skill that requires practice, it’s so important to make your branding and marketing accessible for all. Communicate simply to make even the most mundane topics interesting, but if in doubt, a designer will be able to help you navigate the complexities.

Need some help with your typography? Get in touch.

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