The Unhappy Internet People

Frantisek Duris via Unsplash | Edit by me

I remember when I hit 4k followers on Instagram, the world was a great place, I was rocking my Instafame like the best of em, swaggering around like I was the bees frickin’ knees.

I’d been given a few reposts by a well known games publisher and I couldn’t have been prouder.

However, like most social media platforms, once you start ‘being seen’ by the mass public, the angry bananas start heading in.

The negativity started to flood my way, and even popular accounts in the community started becoming aggressive towards me, I got blocked, shouted at, trolled, most of the ugly stuff social media brings.

Awesome pic by Mike Dorner via Unsplash | Edit by me

Which I’ve noticed happens all over the social media world, even on Linkedin, right…Linkedin! Where the older, wiser people hang out, and trust me, the majority of those types of people, that I’ve named, ‘The Unhappy Internet People’, are actually old enough to know better.

My philosophy about how I run my social media platforms (yes mine, not yours) is 100% quality over quantity.

As someone who has integrity and depth, I like to resonate with people, to feel like I’m amongst like minds, people who are reasonable, balanced and in the main, not deeply unhappy in themselves to the point of blaming everyone around them.

Checklist for connections;

✅ open minded
✅ reasonable
✅ able to conduct a debate without taking things personally
✅ able to put their ego to one side (see above)
✅ loves a juicy slice of sarcasm
✅ engages regularly
✅ dry/dark sense of humour

When I connect with someone on LinkedIn, my first thought isn’t, ‘ooh, they could be a client, I’ll bombard them with sales bullpats’, it’s ‘ooh someone that I can learn from and potentially wants to learn back’, if these people become clients, all the better and these are the lovelies I want to work with.

I say authenticity a lot here

I believe in authenticity, real authenticity, no bullshit fake ‘lets pretend to be authentic to get likes’ authenticity, actual and literal authenticity.

Egos and hard sell

Getting clients isn’t about hard sell, it’s about finding the people that resonate with your ‘why’ and building relationships.

I see people posting about connecting with everyone, angry at the people who want to keep their connections to the people that resonate with them — these people are the types who don’t engage, who splatter recycled ‘knowledge’ out there like it’s going out of fashion, they call themselves influencers and fancy job titles are important to them.

— you are very welcome to do that, it’s your gig.

Image by Daniel Van Den Berg via Unsplash

So heading back to my instafame, I have 7k followers now, but I’m not famous, or big headed, or care about the unhappy people — I got recognised for doing something that I enjoy.

And that’s the moral of my story.

Hello, I’m Nik, I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes.

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