The Freelancer, The Introvert

I realised something this week.

I hate asking for help.

As a freelancer this is a real hinderance.

Some things that involve venturing out of your comfort zone are really, really necessary when you work for yourself and when you’re an introvert, like me, these can be troublesome;

  • talking to strangers
  • visiting places you’ve never been
  • networking events with people that aren’t on your wavelength
  • asking for help
  • working in places where you never really get to know the people.

All of these things feel uncomfortable to me on varying scales. The number 1 ‘asking for help’ — that cringey, “ugh, I’m desperate” feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you need to do it, so you avoid doing it and end up nowhere.

The thing I’ve realised about freelancing is you need other people.

  • reaching out to people in your industry
  • reaching out to people for help (*screams internally*)
  • human contact with people over a *insert beverage here*
  • relevant real life + digital networking events with likemindeds.
  • collaborate with people who compliment what you do

But, if you’re an introvert like me, things like this sound easy to do until you are faced with having to do them.

It’s all about finding the right ingredients and balance for you.

For instance, I find it difficult to ask for help, so I join digital groups (on Facebook, Linkedin etc) that I feel safe to ask for that help. Although it still feels cringey, I scope them out, get to know the people there and pop the question. That’s step 1.

I have been put off by certain groups, which stops me pushing forward — feeling safe in my comfort zone, I think I can do it all myself and eventually come to a grinding halt.

Next step is to start venturing into the outside world again.


Hello, I’m Nik, I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes.

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