Soil Association

The Brief

To create 3 x packaging designs (including non-logo versions), before they went to print all of the designs were to be voted on exclusively by Independent Retailers across the UK to choose the favourite.

The Problem

Each design had to fit within the confines of the Soil Association small and large brown paper bag and work with the SA Brand Guidelines, each option had a message to deliver and a non logo version needed to be created as well, which meant slight design changes and/or additions were required for each of these.

How I Solved The Problem

Following the Soil Association brand guidelines and taking into consideration any existing SA packaging, I researched what they had in the public domain at present, as well as utilising their existing POS materials as inspiration I mocked up 3 designs that I felt represented each message within brand.

Some minor tweaks were called for after the first round of proofs and the 3 sets of images you see above are both front and back of the paper packaging, they were the designs SA sent to their Independent Retailers for voting.


Three of the final deliverables;