Running Social : Case Study

When a job comes in that I know I’ll enjoy doing, I sometimes consider doing free work. It’s a rare occurrence as designing is my bread and butter, I don’t give away work easily.

The entirety of this job wasn’t free however, as it evolved into a full rebrand after Kathy’s course was over.


Kathy came to me at the beginning of her social media training and asked if I could help her bring together a logo design for the company she’s going to be using as an example business during her studies.

The brief

The Bristol On The Run brand was created to communicate the running Kathy does in her spare time, from marathons, to fun runs, with everything in between.

The Bristol on the Run logo created initially.

Normally with pro-bono work I won’t spend as much time on the prep work, as I knew this design will only be used temporarily I found out as much of the back story there was, as much about Kathy’s endeavours with her running, the fact that she’s Bristol based, which I wanted it to reflect and ran with a few ideas.

Initial quick sketch ideas.

Balloon motif used for the Bristol on the Run logo.

I sketched a few ideas and eventually settled on the balloon motif.

Bristol is well known for its yearly Balloon Fiesta where hundreds of hot air balloons are set off into the skies, and has been running since 1979, this felt slightly less cliche than the oft-used Clifton Suspension Bridge that most people associate Bristol with.

This logo was then used across the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts Kathy created to talk about her running. She used this as her study tool whilst she attended her course.

The secondary brief

A few months later and with the course finalised she made the decision to become a freelance Social Media Consultant which meant it was time to morph Bristol on the Run into Running Social.

A couple of the Running Social concepts.

Based on the Bristol on the Run logo I wanted to keep things similar, with a few quick sketches I felt like I knew which one I preferred.

Luckily Kathy did too.

Alongside the logo I brought together some business cards and business stationery.

I love the journey this brand took, thinking initially it was just an example temporary brand eventually becoming a solid company marque.


If you’re looking for social media help, hit Kathy at Running Social up, she knows her shiz.

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