running social

Brand Identity


Running Social is a social media consultancy, helping businesses build their social media presence.

Originally Bristol on the Run, a brand created to use as an example for a social media course.

After the course was completed, BotR was developed into Running Social.

The Initial Brief

Brought in initially to create the Bristol on the Run logo – this was to document owner, Kathy’s running journey.

This brand was used as a template example whilst Kathy undertook her Social Media course.

The Secondary Brief

After the course was completed Kathy made the decision to branch out as a Freelance Social Media Consultant.

The Problem

To update the existing logo. Redesign marketing materials and business stationery.

How I Solved The Problem

I created the Bristol on the Run logo after sketching a few ideas and eventually settled on the balloon motif.

Bristol is well known for its yearly Balloon Fiesta where hundreds of hot air balloons are set off into the skies, and has been running since 1979, this felt slightly less cliche than the oft-used Clifton Suspension Bridge that most people associate Bristol with.

Once the course was over I met with Kathy to find out more information about the direction she wanted to take and what the brand is looking to achieve.

After the logo design was finalised the marketing material was looked at, including business stationery and business cards.