Productivity + Minimalism = 👌

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Quietly working at my desk I hear the phone buzz, I’ve turned silent on, so I’m keeping it minimal. I hear it go again and eventually I pick it up, several notifications from different apps, the little red dot, telling me I’m wanted. Which one do I open first? It’s like Christmas.

I open each one, getting sucked into social media opinions and triggered by people who don’t deserve my time. Some notifications weren’t even for me. Some of the apps even tell me I shouldn’t even be on my phone, some tell me I should. I begin to forget what I was doing before.

Shutting the phone, I look around dazed.

The work flow I’d had before had completely disappeared.

This is what I was like before I realised apps and especially productivity apps are to blame for my distraction and lack of productivity. So I minimized.

I removed all apps that didn’t serve a purpose

I thought long and hard about what I did and didn’t need. It wasn’t an easy process, what did we do before apps? We simply didn’t need them. 

I turned notifications and noise to a minimum

The apps I decided to keep I chose to keep sounds off of most, but still retain the little red dot (I use an iPhone), that way I won’t be distracted by constant dinging or buzzing. I keep the phone, texts and one app noisy because they’re important and aren’t used constantly. 

What did we do before apps? We simply didn’t need them.

I keep my phone out of arms length if I need my brain

When I’m busy with work or spending time with people, I keep the phone away so I can’t quickly grab it. 

I’m learning about how addicted I am to social media

I hate admitting this, but I notice myself picking up my phone and muscle memorying my way to the social media apps I have installed — then wondering why I’m there. 

We all love that instant gratification feeling you get with social media, getting likes on work you’ve created is a really nice feeling, but it can also be completely overwhelming and tip you the other way. So I try (t r y) to keep my eyes and mind open about it — I don’t want it taking me over.

I actually can’t remember what it was like not to have a phone with you everywhere you go. Watching old tv shows pre-mobile phones, I’m agog at how we managed. But we did and I miss that. 

I hope these simple tips help.

Hello, I’m Nik , I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes.

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