#MarchMeetTheMaker 2019 Feed

This year I decided to take part in the March Meet The Maker over on Instagram, whilst I don’t create anything physical these days, and am pretty much fully digital, I wanted to give it a go. Here’s what I’ve posted so far;

Day 23 – ‘Top Tip or Advice’

Hello Im Nik | Graphic Designer

A while back I put together an article about Font Pairing.

Something that many small businesses struggle with, heck even I struggle with font choice for my own personal work 😅

So to get the best out of your marketing materials make sure you know the basics – take a look at the article here.

Day 19 – ‘Dream Collab’

Hello Im Nik | Graphic Designer

Whilst I work with them on the Editorial side, helping them with various projects behind the scenes, I would absolutely love to work with @unsplash on a design related project. As a huge fan of their brand and ethos it would be a pleasure to work with them in this way 🙏

Day 16 – ‘Workspace’

Hello I'm Nik | Workspace


This is how my workspace looks sometimes. And there’s nothing I love more than desk layout shots 😍 so this was fun. I’m rarely messy, as my desk space is small, and I’m a bit of a neat freak 🤪
This photo is also available for FREE download on my 👉Unsplash feed 👈


Day 14 – ‘How I Learnt’

Hello Im Nik


I decided at 35 to completely change career, managed to get very lucky with the company I was working for at the time and with a local web design agency who offered to give me a part time internship whilst I worked at my current place.

So a mixture of interning, self teaching and determination got me through. Every day is still a learning curve even after 4 years. So grateful to everyone that helped me and still helps me 🙏


Day 10 – ‘You’

March Meet The Maker

Itsa me! Well sideways me. I hate posting pictures of myself, I’m old and crinkly and all that. Anyway, this is me and I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, but if you’ve been following my March Meet The Maker posts, you’ll already know this 🙂


Day 9 – ‘Story About Your Name’

Take a look at the gif over on Instagram here.

Two posts today, this first one is a gif showing where I started, to where I am now. Initially called myself aMixedMedia whilst I was interning as I was thinking about what I’d be producing; print, digital, websites, graphic design, which then turned into something else as I reached the end of the interning.

I realised I didn’t want to focus on web, but specialise in brand and marketing design as that’s what I loved. Several meetings, networking events, meeting new people I realised the name wasn’t quite enough, and as the thing I said the most was, Hello, I’m Nik, when introducing myself, that happened 😅.

The first iteration of my logo was quirky and fun, it ‘started a conversation’ with its speech bubble and reflected who I was at that time, then in 2016, I rebranded to the hexagonal design.

Day 8 – ‘Product Range’

March Meet The Maker

Day 8 of #marchmeetthemaker;

Again, I’m not a physical seller anymore, I used to sell stickers, mugs and posters over on Etsy, some are still there but I don’t focus on that anymore – alas, here’s my product range.

Those damn A’s were so annoying, hence slanting them! Grr 😅

Day 7 – ‘Less Glam Side’

March Meet The Maker

Day 7 of #MarchMeetTheMaker;

The worst thing that can happen to any creative is creative block. This brick wall is the bane of our existence and even as a digital creative it comes at you like a wall of doom. After 4 years of creative work I’ve learned a few strategies and one of those things is not to rush it. It’s trying to tell you something, listen 🙏

Day 6 – ‘Full or Part Time’

March Meet The Maker

Day 6 of #marchmeetthemaker;

I have the full story about my freelance journey on day 10 but I went full time freelance in Feb 2014 after spending a year interning and changing career.

I had no clients or any savings, I leapt, fully 😅 here’s a crap doodle 😆

One thing I miss about working for da man is colleagues, I’ve met some incredible people over my freelance journey but there’s nothing like the inspiration you get from good colleagues 🙏


Day 5 – ‘Detail or Close Up’

March Meet The Maker

I’m back with Day 8 of #marchmeetthemaker – today is Detail or Close Up.

As I don’t produce physical products that often here’s a close up of some of my favourite digital work.

I recently got the chance to create a robot goat illustration for a client (2) along with some saucy social media headers for another client (3), and as always a couple of self initiated passion projects (4)(1) 💪

Day 3 – ‘Flatlay’

March Meet The Maker

Today’s #marchmeetthemaker is ‘Flatlay’ – whilst I don’t sell physical products anymore one thing I do enjoy is doing flatlays of my desk (not weird 😬) here’s an old one and a new one and you’ll see gentle nods to Rockstar Games in there too.

Day 2 – ‘How you Started’

March Meet The Maker

Day 2 of #MarchMeetTheMaker;

Here’s how it all started for me. I’m a stick person because why not 😅

Started out as an Office Junior and worked my way up to Office Manager,

I’d always wanted to be a creative (my dad told me to do something that would guarantee money- cheers mate).

Then found myself an internship locally and it went from there. Changed career at 35 🎉.

It was the best and hardest thing I have every experienced and even after 4 years it’s still a wonderful learning curve 🙏

Day 1 – ‘Favourite to Make’

March Meet The Maker

March 1st kicks the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge off, I can’t believe it’s March already. So to kick the next few weeks off here’s my first prompt for:


As a self taught graphic designer, prior to going freelance I hadn’t touched the Adobe Suite much.


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At 35 I decided that I needed to get out of the career I was in and make a change. Whilst I don’t promote my illustration much it is something I LOVE to do.

I use Adobe Illustrator and now I’ve found @pikopixeleditor which is fantastic for Pixel Art and much easier to use than Illustrator.

Here’s my 4 favourite artworks I’ve done recently 🙏