How Much For a Logo

A question I’ve been asked a lot before I know any details, and whilst I can give ballparks it’s not an easy question to answer without knowing much more information.

I understand some people aren’t aware of what goes into creating a logo, I’m here to help you understand why it’s not easy to offer definitive price list pricing for this service.

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The Psychology

The psychology behind a good logo goes far beyond paying a fiver to someone who isn’t considering you and your business as a whole. And the reason why this isn’t a good avenue to go down, especially if you value your brand, is because you will possibly be receiving a vacuous piece of work that won’t stand the test of time.

Most of the logo projects I’ve been involved with have had broad similarities in terms of process – but every one has been different, all need gentle consideration and an open mind.

The Process

This process is ever evolving, brands change, people change, businesses grow, it’s about finding out as much about the future as it is the present.

If you’re reconsidering an existing brand or creating a new one, here are some things to think about before you get in touch with a designer;

  • Who are YOU? Your story, your voice, your past, your present.
  • What is your ‘why’?
  • Is this just a logo design or a full rebrand?
  • What is your business? Have you thought enough about your why?
  • How do you want to communicate? Tone of voice is a huge consideration.
  • Are you actually at the logo stage of your business? Plenty of times I’ve been approached by people not quite ready for it yet.
  • Where do you see yourself in the future? Aspirations, plans, projections.
  • Who are your competitors? A very important part of creating a logo and brand is to consider what is going on around you, who are you in competition with, what are they doing?

    To name a few.

    And if you don’t get asked these questions, start waving those red flags 🚩

    I now offer a FREE 30 minute consultation, so if you’re in need of some advice or feedback on anything brand related, get in touch .

    Hello, I’m Nik , I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes. Follow me Twitter | LinkedIn | Hello I’m Nik

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