How Much For a Logo?

How much for a logo?

A question that most brand designers aren’t too keen on, but understand some people aren’t aware of the work that goes into creating a brand.

The psychology behind a good logo goes far beyond paying a fiver to someone who isn’t considering you and your business as a whole.

Most of the logo projects I’ve been involved with have had broad similarities, but every one has been different, all need gentle consideration and an open mind.

This process is ever evolving, brands change, people change, businesses grow, it’s about finding out as much about the future as it is the present.

If you’re reconsidering an existing brand or creating a new one, some things to think about;


– who you are
– why you want the logo
– what your business is
– how you want to communicate
– whether you’re at the logo stage of your business
– where you see yourself in the future
– who your competitors are

To name a few.


But, how much though?

How much do you value your brand and it’s future?

That’s how much a logo is.


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