How To Communicate Your Brand

Brand Communication. What is it?

Your business has a story to tell.

You could tell that story with words.

Words work.

But it’s hard to grab attention quickly with lots of them.

Communicating your brand’s message should be interesting, easy on the eye and get straight to the point.

So how can you do it?


Consistency means your message is the same everywhere you talk about it.

To build relationships with people, having a consistent look throughout all of your communication is key to building trust.


Staying on brand means you stay true to your brand guidelines.

However, we’re now not just communicating via our own websites, we have many other places to consider, from digital social media to print marketing.

If your logo is detailed and doesn’t translate at smaller sizes, pick elements from it to create effective social assets.

Having branded variants to use in these situations will mean you stay recognisable but communicate effectively for all platforms and mediums.


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Telling your story visually will take the viewer on a fun and interesting journey.

Words are good and necessary but visual story telling is a faster way to grab attention.


Keep what you have to say as relevant and as interesting as possible.

Nobody responds well to information overload.


Another important thing to consider when creating your brand is whoever is helping you bring it to life has a clear understanding of your story.

– the reasons why
– your message
– the people behind it
– future plans

Be collaborative, communicate.

Work together with them to bring your story to life to help build an effective and sustainable communication platform.


It’s more important than ever to be seen amongst all the digital noise.

If you’re in need of some pointers, I offer consultation on how to develop an effective new or existing brand, to find out more, drop me a mail.


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