Digital Life vs Real Life

Ode to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


Facebook, not only is it like a stalker in the night (see Cambridge Analytica) but the psychological stuff that it has done, unbeknownst to the people busy sharing edited versions of themselves, scares me to the point of fear for future generations.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what life was like before the internet was the only thing that existed. I actually don’t remember exactly what I filled my days with 🤔

As a teenager, I went to school, sans any kind of communication device. I played video games with my family. Went outside and spent time with friends. I think?

Happy 80s kids, marvelling at the future.

Now, I use the internet to find work and play videogames with friends all over the world — and I only go outside to forage for food.

Not a true representation of what a gamer may or may not look like

Don’t get me wrong, the internet has brought and still brings some wonderful things. Things that would never have been possible without. But it truly can bring the absolute worst out of people comfortable behind their anonymity, and the amount of fakery blows my mind.

I fear for future generations, brought up in the world of social media, not realising that what they see is not a benchmark of quality or emotional wealth, that what they’re seeing is edited versions of people’s lives and clever marketing to draw you in.

Samuel Zeller | Unsplash (it’s a tailor’s dummy, not a real child)

Learning from other physical human beings, how to act in social situations, is far different to how we act online. I can see a future of robotic people, unable to socially interact in any kind of reality.

But then again, maybe I’ve watched too many Black Mirror episodes.


I’m grateful to have lived a large part of my life without the constant need to interact digitally, to receive gratification from anonymous people and to understand the difference between real life and digital life.

And I hope we continue to maintain some kind of balance, but as the future unfolds and less and less people will have lived lives without this digital necessity, my only respite is that I’ll be dead and gone.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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