CC Digital: Case Study

When I got asked to offer Chloe from Chloe Christine Marketing some design consultancy I jumped at the chance. Not only has Chloe been incredibly helpful to me in terms of marketing support, she really cares about her brand and this is something I don’t see enough.

In the beginning she was looking for some verbal advice on whether to change her company name or if she should stay the same, we brainstormed and finally decided that CC Digital is where she wanted to head.

As time passed, I became more interested in coming up with a few design ideas for her new logo, so I offered to bring together some concepts.

Initial concepts for CC Digital.

I had a blast playing with all the colours, and went a little further with the help.

Potential final logo ideas.

A final was chosen.

Since I started freelancing 4 years ago, I can honestly say the best clients to work with are the ones that understand their brand, are passionate about moving things forward and are open minded – Chloe was all of those – a real pleasure to work with.

Take a look at her website to see the logo in action.

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