Brochure Design Process

One of the things I’ve undertaken the most throughout my creative journey, is brochure design.

Big ones, small ones, complicated ones, simpler ones. When used correctly, brochures can be an important part of the discovery process and overall marketing campaign.

Each brochure is different, and involves deep understanding of the intricacies of the project as well as the client’s brand and story.

I wanted to outline the process I go through to bring together an effective brochure design.

Initial Discussions

First step, initial discussions. I find out what you need communicating and how it should be communicated.

This stage is also a good place to find out if I’m the right designer for you and we are a good fit.


Brief time. I will ask for how many pages are required, all the wording you would like to include, and if possible a document mock up of which words and images need to go on which pages – although sometimes a mock up isn’t provided, this will then involve extra time taken for me to decide which words and images go where.

High resolution imagery to be provided or if images are being sourced/created by me, we’ll discuss what you need and what actions I’ll take.

Understanding Imagery

With high resolution images provided, I’ll insert them into the relevant places in the brochure when we’ve discovered which direction we’re going with the design.

However, if imagery is required from me – I can source photography (I use Unsplash for free images, or will use other paid stock sites if I can’t find what I’m looking for there – which I’ll communicate).

If illustrations are needed, a conversation will take place to decide what and how long these will take.

Concept Pages

Once we’ve agreed the brief, contracts are signed and initial 50% is paid, I set to work creating 2-4 concept pages.

This gives an idea of what direction we should take the design layout and means we can hone it before going ahead with it all.

Discuss & Decide Design Concept

By this point we’ll have an idea of the wording and imagery that is required, and we’ll talk and decide about the direction to take the design layout.

Layout & Communication

Time to start laying out the brochure using the style agreed.
At this point things can change and if they do I initiate a discussion, as the layout unfolds throughout the document this can happen several times.

Et voila…a beautiful brochure

And this is where we have our initial draft of the document.

At this stage we’re on track for finalising, any feedback will be considered and acted on and amends finalised.

Do you need a brochure or marketing document? Drop me a line.

Hello, I’m Nik , I specialise in Marketing & Brand Design for start-ups and small businesses. I also enjoy writing about authenticity, emotional + experience based thoughts and positive outcomes. Follow me Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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