Twitter’s New Look – A Quick Overview

Twitter's New Look | A Quick Overview

As we all know by now, Twitter’s had a little design change.

I’ve seen people complaining about it, some people praising it – personally, I love it’s fresh new look. Lets embrace the change.

Some of the things that have changed:

  • the quill stays for the iOS app, but now a simple tweet button for web.
  • the iconography is now a fresher less bold design, with the removal of the perch underneath the ‘bird box’ hole on the home icon.
  • like and retweet counters, now update in real time.
  • the reply button is now a speech bubble.
  • new circular profile pictures.
  • settings ‘cog icon’ now housed under the notification tab for iOS and profile shifted to the left, a click of the profile pic will take you to all profile related stuff.

The main thing from an account perspective is to make sure your profile picture is optimised for the new circular profile pictures, so, if you’re unsure about your old profile picture, don’t forget to double check and reupload if needed.

Thank you for reading and if you need any help with the design and layout for your social media platforms, drop me a line.


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