Is the job search process outdated for creatives?

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Lately I’ve spent some time trawling through job ads and job sites. In my opinion this whole process is outdated, especially for creatives.

I understand the need for a process and some rigidity within that, but personally, and I’m not sure if I’m speaking for other creative minds, I’m keen to work collaboratively, to allow things to flow; I can’t tell if I like something based on a 20-minute high pressure meeting, that doesn’t get the best out of me.

So, I wrote an advert for potential businesses outlining my skills and experience, wants and needs, turning it the other way around – this process isn’t just for the company it should be a two-way street.


Do you care about who you’re hiring? Will they be listened to, respected and skills utilised?

Looking for a company that will provide a small team of thoughtful individuals, you will be responsible for respecting creative flow, understanding that creativity isn’t always 9-5 and offering challenge and forward thinking.

What you’ll be getting…

A mindful graphic designer, able to work alone or in a small team, someone who cares about what she does with a desire for perfection – a finisher, someone who enjoys completion and strives to reach that. 3 years experience as a Freelance Designer working with clients including Soil Association, The National Trust and The National Theatre – specialising in Brand Identity and Marketing Design. Previous to that, 19 years experience as an Administrator, and Office Manager which comes complete with meticulous attention to detail and superlative organisation skills, with the ability to manage others and work under pressure.

Strengths lie in problem solving, translating words into visuals and mindful communication, stripping back all the unnecessary noise, using experience and emotional intelligence to get the desired results.

Who you’ll be….

A small team of passionates, have an understanding of creative processes and that creativity isn’t always a 9-5 thing. But you’ll offer challenge, letting your employees use their perfected skills to get the best outcomes possible. You won’t mind if there’s a design degree or if the skills gained are self taught, you’re more interested in the person and what they can offer. You’ll be using the Adobe Suite, on either Mac or PC platform and have foresight and adaptability valuing growth and communication.

Benefits overview

You’ll receive a committed and caring employee with a host of experience and skill, specialising in design, marketing and admin management, able to deliver proven excellent results. A relaxed dress code is essential, based in the South West of the UK, or home based is desirable.

This position will be freelance either remote or on-site, the right company will be open minded and allow flow within their structure. To apply, contact me.


Thank you for taking the time to read, hopefully other creatives and companies out there can identify with the current process being uncreative, appreciate my need to challenge this process as a positive and get in touch to have a chat.



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