Do you hit your audience in the feels?

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I’ve written about this before, but the days of the hard sell are well and truly behind us, connecting on an emotional level has always been a part of marketing, but now hitting your audience directly in the feels is where it’s at. I give you more marketing buzzwords; Authentic Marketing.

Be passionate, and they will come

When we put ourselves out there, via our personal social media we are exposing as much as we’re comfortable exposing. We want people to notice us, although we don’t want them to know that we want that, we find our audience by posting things we’re interested in, what we’re passionate about and the people, they come. This is how the best content creators and brands get their audience.

The most authentic content creators are the ones I gravitate towards, people passionate about what they’re doing, grateful for what they have, their passion translates into interesting content. What happens when you do something you don’t enjoy? Body language, attitude, quality of content we can tell that you’re not enjoying it.

..we find our audience by posting
things we’re interested in”

I’ve spent the last year getting back into current gen and retro gaming again, not just that, taking part in YouTube livestreams and I even got the opportunity to livestream with Rockstar Games where they used one of my Grand Theft Auto photographs as their thumbnail.

Alas, YouTube is where a heckuva lot of people get their daily ‘stuff’, on whatever topic that may be.

Do you have a radar?

I spend a lot of my free time watching YouTube gaming videos, subscribed to several really inspiring creators but, in the beginning I had no radar for good YT content, subscribing to accounts that begged for likes, offering giveaways that nobody wins, giving false information based on speculation but eventually I began to doubt the authenticity of these accounts.

Luckily, these ‘clickbaiters’ only have a limited shelf life and this is what we’re doing now, recognising authenticity and moving towards the people that actually give a shit.

Think about the last time you got followed by someone on any channel and then after a day or so you got unfollowed, these people aren’t the authentic ones. People who take time to follow, engage and support are the ones you want around you.

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