Hexagons and Subtleties : Rebranding Hello I’m Nik

2013 saw me dive head first into a completely new freelance career. Hello I’m Nik Graphic Design was born. The logo I created was something that reflected who I was then, 3 years later, many changes to me personally and the way the business was going, a new look was overdue.

Hello I'm Nik | old logo

The simple rectangular speech bubble was where it all started, I wanted to move away from this to produce something more sophisticated and in line with where I am 3 years on.



I wanted something subtle and abstract but in line with my brand values, keeping things open and fresh.

Hexagons….I love em. I played with circles, rectangles, squares but I started working with hexagons to see if I could work something brand relevant into one. I incorporated the H, I and N in there.

Hello I'm Nik Logo Redesign

Hello I'm Nik Logo Redesign


Keeping it subtle and pastel to get away from the bright green used previously. I love super bright colours, but over time I’ve come to love a nicely arranged pastel colour palette like the one I chose in the end.

Hello I'm Nik Logo Redesign

After a little research and sketching, the final font I eventually settled on would definitely need to be sans serif, it felt like the right direction.

motif components | helloimnik logo

The final motif including all of it’s components, I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Hello I'm Nik Logo Redesign

The final motif including hexagon, H, I and N, and tasty pastel colour palette.


Hello I'm Nik New Logo 2016

Motif and chosen font.



My new logo was 2 months in the making, I find designing for myself very difficult, ask any designer, they’ll tell ya! But the end result I’m very happy with.

I’ve also redesigned my website, take a peep and let me know what you think.


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