I’m hiring…

  I’m currently looking for projects and opportunities and have spent some time trawling through job ads and job sites. In my opinion this whole process is outdated, especially for creatives – so, I wrote an advert for potential businesses looking to hire a graphic designer, turning it the other way around – this process […]

10 Things to Say to Make Your Designer Less Productive

  Us designers can be a difficult bunch, we use a different language to communicate and software that only we understand…. but it helps to ask the right questions to get the best out of us.   Here are 10 things I’ve heard that have made me slightly less productive. We don’t have much money, […]

Thoughtful Consumption: Black Friday

To me, Black Friday conjurers up images of rampaging shoppers eager to cram every last on-sale item into their already full pockets. I love a bargain, but also respect independent retailers who spend their time making, creating, and thoughtfully producing with passion and care – which is why I love creating geekery for my own […]