Need a Temporary Administrator?

Whilst I build the freelancing back up after my break, I’m looking for some part time, temporary or contract administration work. Prior to becoming a designer, I spent 19 years working my way from Office Junior up to Office Manager. Specialising in customer care (email, phone and face to face) database management and PA tasks […]

Communication Has Shifted, Let’s Embrace It

Inspired to write a short blog about communication after I was recently involved in a conversation over on LinkedIn. Someone from the creative industry sent him a CV with a simple ‘would be great to meet up for a coffee or beer’. His response to it was to reach out on Li to express his […]

Do you hit your audience in the feels?

I’ve written about this before, but the days of the hard sell are well and truly behind us, connecting on an emotional level has always been a part of marketing, but now hitting your audience directly in the feels is where it’s at. I give you more marketing buzzwords; Authentic Marketing. Be passionate, and they […]