I Could Only Choose 6 Horror Movies

Rec (2007)   Initially didn’t know what to expect and worried it’d be like a Spanish ‘Blair Witch’ but ermagherd, such a good film. While recording a documentary series in a local fire station, Angela and Pablo overhear a call about a woman trapped in a building. They accompany the fire fighters into the building[…]

How To Communicate Your Brand

[Comm-un-ication] (verb) – the act of transferring information through a selection of mediums including, written, image, verbal + movement. Your business has a story to tell. You could tell that story with words. Words work. But it’s hard to grab attention quickly with lots of them. Communicating your brand’s message should be interesting, easy on[…]

Rockstar Wallpapers | A Personal Project

Searched high and low for a phone wallpaper that I was really happy with, but kept changing my mind. Inspired by Rockstar Games’ latest tee shirt designs, I put together four phone wallpapers for personal use. WHAT I DID Creating a Rockstar Logo from scratch using Illustrator, I then used Photoshop to lay all the[…]